About Us

We are a dedicated team that provide Trust Services

Who We Are

Comfact AB was formed in 1988 to deliver products and services that improve business communication. To describe our work and focus, the company was named Comfact: Communication For Administration, Commerce, and Transport.

Our business concept is to be in the forefront of technical knowledge and research within electronic business communication in order to provide customers with new products and services that increase their revenues and reduce costs.

What we do

  • We improve your business activities with Trust Services
  • We provide you with new ways of doing business
  • We develop new, innovative, and state-of-the-art Trust Services
  • We provide trustworthiness in our services
Our operations can be described as an iceberg. What is visible is our services, policies, practices, and certificates. Internally, we work with a very large number of standards, specifications, regulations, and special hardware and software, etc., in order to provide trustworthy services.

Contact Details

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 P.O. Box 2324, SE-403 15 Gothenburg, Sweden

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 Stora Badhusgatan 18-20, Gothenburg, Sweden

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 +46 31 13 53 15

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