Deliver documents securely

Comfact Delivery

Comfact Delivery was first developed to meet the needs of customers using our Signature Services. Many documents include sensitive and personal data, and they are not suited for email distribution.

Our Delivery services are built on eIDAS Electronic Registered Delivery Services (ERDS).
Not yet another account
Many solutions in this area require recipients to have an account in order to log in and access their Registered Delivery. When developing Comfact Delivery, this was one aspect we wanted to avoid as users normally want to have as few accounts as possible.

Comfact Delivery uses existing infrastructure and does not require receivers to create an account beforehand. You can send information to any individual globally who has an email address for notification.
The right recipient every time

Choose the level of identification required for the documents you wish to send depending on your requirements. When operating within a company, we integrate with your existing identity solution for a seamless workflow while maintaining full security.

For high-security requirements, multi-factor authentication provides high security that the person receiving the delivery, is who they say they are.

Message status notifications

When a delivery has been received, the sender is provided with a signed proof of receipt. The sender can then act according to this information.

How Comfact Delivery works
Evidence store

Our secure evidence store contains a detailed history of each delivery processed by the system. Using digital signatures and timestamping, we enable you to verify the successful delivery of a document even years later.

Standards Compliance
Standards for eDelivery are emerging at the EU and national levels. Comfact Delivery stores the required evidence in accordance with eIDAS regulations, with easy access for your own recordkeeping.

At Comfact, we have unique expertise in building standards-compliant solutions for both the private and public sectors, guaranteeing that the evidence we produce is legally valid across Europe.
Information Security
The unauthorized disclosure of information during a delivery can have serious effects for the involved parties. Comfact Delivery has been designed to protect customers’ information from unauthorized disclosure.
Comfact Delivery is designed to prevent the unauthorized modification or destruction of information.
Comfact Delivery was developed to ensure very high availability of our services. Many of the underlying services, such as sending email and SMS messages as well as timestamps, have more than two alternatives.
How can Comfact Delivery Help Your Organization?
Reduce work and lead time
Reduce or eliminate paper storage and facilitate document retrieval and management.
Efficient document handling
By eliminating paper, envelopes, and their transport, your environmental footprint is reduced.
General Data Protection Regulation
Trustworthy services, compliant with the EU eIDAS regulations and standards from ETSI, ISO, CEN, and GDPR.

Some history: The Enigma machine

From 1910 to 1920, radio was increasingly used for private, business, and military communication. As this communication was open, it was very easy to eavesdrop.

To prevent eavesdropping, the first Enigma machine was invented and patented by Arthur Scherbius in 1918. It was a very complicated cipher machine based on rotating wired wheels. Mass production of the Enigma machine started in 1925.

Today we have a similar situation with Internet communication. To prevent eavesdropping, many websites use encrypted communication. Some organisations use virtual private networks (VPN) when working with email for example.

The idea behind Comfact Delivery is that it should be easy to use for anyone while maintaining a very high level of communication security.