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Approved by public administrations in Sweden (DIGG)

Comfact service for Advanced electronic signatures has been reviewed and approved by the Swedish Agency for Digital Government (DIGG) - see under the heading ”Fristående underskriftstjänster som uppfyller DIGG:s krav”


This means that our service for Advanced Signatures is approved by public administrations in Sweden.

Trust services
Comfact offers a wide set of different trust services
Comfact Signature
The next generation of electronic signatures, with individual digital document signatures
Comfact Validation
Validate your digitally signed documents to ensure that they conform to eIDAS legislation requirements
Comfact Delivery
Confidently deliver sensitive data, knowing it will not be intercepted and you can securely identify receivers
Comfact Timestamp
Timestamp your documents to prove that the information existed at a specific time
Comfact Seal
Seal your documents to prove that they originate from your business or organization
Comfact Identity
Securely authenticate the identity of signers and receivers of electronic deliveries
Comfact Certificate
Comfact certificate provide the backbone of signatures, timestamps, seals and deliveries
Comfact Preservation
Ensure the long-term preservation of your digital assets and evidence
Comfact Wallet
Electronic Identity Wallet
Comfact E-Ledger
Electronic ledger
Comfact Archiving
Electronic archiving services ensures protection, maintenance and accessibility of your documents
Comfact Devices
Management of signature devices
Using Comfact Trust services has many benefits, these are:
Trust Services ensure the security of transactions between business, citizens and public administrations
A Trust Service Provider is an impartial third-party that provides trustworthiness in transactions between parties
You need a Trust Service Provider to protect the interests of both you and your counterparts
Reduce work and lead time
With Comfact services you can reduce your lead time from days to minutes and your work time from hours to minutes
Efficient document handling
Reduce or eliminate paper storage - Maximize the traceability of your documents
Total integration and control
Integrate with your business applications to increase control and improve efficiency
Increase revenue
Increase your business opportunities with, for example, a lead-time reduction of 90% to close business faster
General Data Protection Regulation
As your Data Processor, we provide GDPR-compliant services to protect your personal and sensitive data
Reduce direct costs by 80%
Reduce costs for printing, postage, envelopes, and paper
Top EU security compliance
Our trustworthy services are compliant with the eIDAS regulation and ETSI, ISO, CEN, and OASIS standards
Reduce ecological footprint
Eliminating paper, envelopes, and postal transport reduces your environmental footprint
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This example shows services in our ecosystem that can be involved when providing signatures with a delivery service, such as identity being used by certificate, signature, and in delivery, or validation being used by certificate, signature, and delivery.
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We maintain a very high level of security in order to provide our trust services. Our security efforts cover facilities, hard- and software, policies, practices, and all of our daily operations. We do this to provide state-of-the-art and best-practice services to our customers.

We follow best-practice cyber-security measures to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our customers’ data.

Comfact AB is a Trust Service Provider (TSP) according to the EU’s eIDAS regulation and under the supervision of the Swedish national supervisory authority "Post-och telestyrelsen" (PTS).

ISO 27001

Comfact AB has an information security management system that fulfills the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2013 with respect to:

Development, operation and support of trust services.

All in accordance with statement of applicability established 2019-01-09.

We call our ISMS Vinga (after a lighthouse near Gothenburg, Sweden) to assist and guide us in our daily navigation of information handling and alert us of any dangers.