For signature and authentication

Comfact Certificate

Certificates for digital signatures and the authentication of:
  • applications
  • legal persons
  • natural persons
Comfact Certificate
Comfact Certificate Services are the backbone of many of our services requiring to authenticate applications, natural or legal persons.

Comfact Certificate Services comprise our Certification Authority (CA) and Registration Authority (RA).

RA - Registration Authority

Comfact Registration Authority (RA) verifies the identity of entities that wish to have a certificate issued. An RA exclusively verifies the credentials of an applicant. For example, when you order a new SSL certificate, the RA will verify that you are entitled to have that SSL certificate by establishing your credentials and investigate if you own the domain, etc.

CA - Certificate Authority

Our Certificate Authority (CA) is responsible for issuing, distributing, revoking and storing digital certificates.
In most cases applications that communicate need to be authenticated. We issue certificates for this purpose that can reside on a hard or soft token.
We issue smartcards with digital certificates for electronic signatures and seals.