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With Comfact Identity, users of our services are identified. They can be signers, sealers, receivers, time stampers, administrators, etc. Users can be physical or legal persons.

For Trust Services, the identity of the involved parties is crucial. When authenticating a party, different levels of assurance (LoA) are assigned. This is to provide the required level of assurance for a specific role or task in a service.
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Comfact provides different alternatives in our signature services in order to fulfill customers’ requirements. It is possible to use different levels of sustainability for different types of documents so that, for example, documents with a higher importance are signed with a stronger signature.

One important aspect of selecting a signature service is assigning a degree of confidence in a claimed identity. For example, eIDAS includes three levels of assurance: high, substantial, and low. The following examples show how currently available identities map to these levels.

How do you choose which level of assurance you want to use? It is basically for you to decide which probative value you want your signatures to have. A high level provides a high probative value whereas a low level has a low probative value.


Comfact Identity uses different means for identifying a natural or legal person with different levels of assurance. We continuously add new means of identification as required by our customers. Here are some examples:

  • European eID such as Swedish and Norwegian BankID
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) with e.g. Email and SMS
  • Active Directory Federation Service (AD FS)
  • One-Factor Authentication (1FA) with e.g. Email
  • Token Authentication via Business Application
  • Extended Validation Certificate
  • OAuth and OpenID Connect (OIDC)
  • User ID and Password (1FA)
  • PKI Certificate


Comfact Identity is normally used together with our other services. It authenticates signers, receivers, sealers, etc., who use our services.

Comfact Identity can also be used with other services. Contact us for additional information.


Comfact Identity uses different technical solutions when authenticating a physical person, such as Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) and Open ID Connect (OIDC). When authenticating a legal person, the solution that best fits the customer is selected.

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Use the appropriate authentication
Use the means of authentication that suits your legal requirements
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Integrate with your existing identities
Integrate your existing identities when authenticating users, saving time and work
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Base for efficient document handling
Comfact Identity can be your base for more efficient document handling