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Service development

Comfact service development

Comfact services are developed continuously, such as adding new functions, improving existing functions and bug/error corrections.

When developments will have an effect on the use of our services, it is important that we communicate future changes to our customers in advance.

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Upcoming changes

The following changes are planned to be implemented:

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Comfact Signature
  • Signature page for advanced signatures – improving graphics of visual signature
  • WCAG level II: final adjustments of heading, date and time in Swedish
  • Links to demo page updated in sign request
  • Change of rendering engine from Gecko to Chrome
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Comfact Validation
  • Adding summary and simplified view of ETSI formal report
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Comfact Designer
  • New application in WPF – Windows Presentation Foundation
  • Addition of structured data section for integration
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Comfact Timestamp
  • Update of new time-stamping certificate
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Comfact Preservation
  • Comfact Preservation will also make use of the new time-stamping certificate
Service window for all services is every Wednesday – except for holidays - 17:00-19:00