Efficient and flexible integration

Comfact API's

With Comfact Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), our Trust Services can be integrated with existing business applications, thereby maximizing the benefits of automation, improving efficiency, and reducing costs.

Comfact APIs cater to application integration with our Trust Services:
  • Signatures
  • Seals
  • Timestamps
  • Delivery
  • Validation
  • Preservation
API's for Our Services
The Signature API contains a number of operations which can be selected to fit specific requirements.
The Seal API handles documents to be sealed and returns sealed documents. The legal person's authorization to seal is included in the communication.
Comfact Timestamp receives a hash/"fingerprint" of data and returns a timestamp from the TSA.
Integrating Comfact Delivery with a business application will allow communication to be handled directly from the application.
When Comfact Validation is integrated with a business application, it will allow for all documents to be included to be validated beforehand. 
Comfact Preservation can be integrated with business applications using our API.

Signature API's

Comfact provides different solutions for electronic signatures in order to meet customers' requirements, such as complying with:
  • eIDAS, ETSI and CEN standards for remote signature
  • Cloud Signature Consortium
  • OASIS Digital Signature Services
  • the national Swedish Normative Specification
  • basic simple signature
As more alternatives become available, we will develop solutions for these. In some cases you can view standard APIs as a "black box" doing signature "magic". Signature services complying with these standards provide more of a statement of their capabilities.
Example of Signature Communications via a Web Browser